Our portfolio


Contacts only harm those who do not have them

We want to point out your philosophy and character of your company in a way, so that people how show interest in your product or services will become long time costumers.

The recognizability of your brand, message, presentation, incentive or anniversaire depends also of the setting. Let´s talk about this and we will create a glory event strategy.

Sportiy events will always be special to us and your guests. Golf tournaments, DTM or Formula 3, just to name a few, impressed our guests massivly not only by the event itself but by the culinary supply that we provided. An extraordinary event needs extraordinary food!

The needs and requirements for big events are special. We know this and therefore we are your specialist and partner for your individual needs!

Services events

Service staff

We carefully chose our employes because we know that only the best people bring outstanding service for your event! We not only want to fulfill your demand. We want to go beyond what you expected to make you and your guests happy and your event unique.

Safety staff

If you want to feel good and safe, of course we can provide your a security service.

shuttle service

You found your ideal location but you have no clue how to get your guest back and forward. Just let us know, so we can arrange an exclusive shuttle service depending on the style you want.


We love to give your event the final touch. If you want any kind or artists or entertainment just contact us and we well contact the perfect match for you.


We can bring you any delicious food to any fancy location you want. Therefore we provide you our location portfolio. To make this spot really special we can arrange a florist that will give you a perfect look and feel for your event!


If you need an experienced visagiste or makeup artist for you or a group of kids, then we know who to call. You will shine like a diamond!

Photography & Film / Video

Not only to keep your memory for yourself but also to show your family and friends we can recommend a number of professional partners that have already show their professionalism.


Fireworks stand definitly for outstanding moments. If you want to add that little spice to your event we can give a reliable and trustworthy partner that will create that “wow” for you!