Food Specials

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Food Specials


Fine taste and hot stuff

You will have a blast with our classic BBQ or home made specials for your individual taste and guests! Fresh fish, juicy steaks or other tasty grillables are accompanied by delicious dips, sauces and sides that will make your BBQ a culinary highlight!


For you and your taste

Buffet is a good choice if you want your guest to just pick exactly what kind of delicous food they want. We can servce you a wide range of classic or innovative food depending on your occasion or number of guest you want to invite. Your way is our way!


Tiny delights

Fingerfood is a ideal solution for a get together or a welcome event. We can create a wonderful cold or warm fingerfood for a wonderful evening or day time special for your guests.


Short on time but big on joy

There´s often no time in between office and customer meetings. Just tell us what you need to get the energy you want. Healthy snacks, breakfast in your department, or sandwiches for tea time is just a small pick of our portfolio. Ready, set, business!


Dine in style

This is what we are really made for! Highest quality in food and service for your event. Our team will make your occasion special with the menu we serve, the people that serve you and the athmosphere that you will feel! You can chose from our menu or create your own style! Whatever you like is what we want to do!

Flying Service

The walking buffet

Our flying service will bring the delightful specialties to you and your guests. You can enjoy your chat and tasty fingerfood while we take care of all the rest. Refill your glas and empty the trays is our business while you enjoy your evening.